The Ben-Gurion award:

Since 1987, the charity conducts a yearly ceremony for the Ben-Gurion awards to researchers, authors, and others that in their fields truly identify with Ben-Gurion's vision and maintain his legacy.

Scholarships for underprivileged pupils and awards for outstanding students and researchers: Every year the charity hands out scholarships for pupils, students and researchers of the environmentaleducational school at the Sde-Boker College, the Ben-Gurion Heritage Institute and the Ben-Gurion House. These recipients are from underprivileged families around Israel, and outstanding researchers, specializing in Israel and Zionism research studies. Their work is carried out at the Ben-Gurion College. The value of the scholarships depends on donations.


Establishing the Ben-Gurion Center: The Center aims to design and influence the Israel discourse which is the heart of the charity's activities.


Fundraising: Financial assistance to the Ben-Gurion Institutions, the different programs.

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