• To perpetuate Ben-Gurion's legacy by establishing scientific research institutes, museums, libraries, educational centers and exhibitions.

  • To initiate lectures, exhibitions, scientific gatherings, and public meetings in Ben-Gurion’s name.

  • To assist the Sde-Boker college in its assignment to provide education in all aspects related to the development of the Negev.

  • To plan and encourage scientific, educational, and communal projects in the Negev.

  • To plan, encourage research and experimentation that focuses on the educational and pedagogic problems of the younger generation living in the Negev.

  • To establish corporations using official and public resources to achieve these goals.

  • Assistance to the Ben-Gurion institutions- advising and assisting in initiating different projects and fund raising activities to encourage donors in Israel and abroad to support the Ben-Gurion institutions, beyond the governmental support.

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