Ben-Gurion Heritage Institute: This is an educational and teaching institute in light of Israel's first Prime-Minister David Ben-Gurion and his legacy. It was established in his memory, activities and heritage, in power of the David Ben-Gurion law. The Institute has acquired a reputation of a national center for education and guidance with the aim of perpetuating the work of David Ben-Gurion and installing the values of an exemplary society. As part of this viewpoint the Institute works in fields and subjects connected to Ben-Gurion's heritage, the creation of the State, the struggle over the character of the State and issues still relevant to the State and Israeli society today. The variety of guidance activities of the Institute are well-known around the country and much in demand amongst educators from all sectors of Israeli society, calling for involvement in social, educational and valued issues. The role of the Institute is to encourage a learning experience, creating a connection between the world of the student and the values of society and Zionism, based on the vision of Ben-Gurion and the face of the country and society today.  The learning process undertaken is varied, thought provoking and raising emotions whilst deepening an understanding of the significant issues in the history of the Jewish people, the State and Israeli society. 

 The home base of the Ben-Gurion Institute is situated in the Negev, southern Israel with an additional branch in the city of Haifa in the north of the country. 
The Ben-Gurion law also decreed that the Hut in Kibbutz Sde Boker which served David Ben-Gurion as a home with its extensive library also be a part of the Ben-Gurion Heritage Institute. The Hut site, the exhibition and the activity areas invite visitors to experience a direct meeting with the figure of David Ben-Gurion, his world views and connection to the Negev.  Ben-Gurion's hut serves as a source of inspiration for far reaching vision, determined leadership and pioneering work. 
The Ben Gurion House, Tel-Aviv: The historic house he bequeathed to the State of Israel. The house was built in 1925-1930 and was their home until settling at the hut in Sde Boker. They used it alternately with the hut. The house contains Ben-Gurion's private library containing more than 20,000 books in different fields of interest. According to his bequeath, the house is open to the public daily, free of charge. Visiting the house , a place where history was made, allows a real touch, personal and tangible of important events in the history of the State of Israel, and his modest lifestyle, a part of his vision and legacy that designed the State's identity still relevant today. 
The Ben-Gurion Center: The need to deepen the vocation of David Ben-Gurion's vision and heritage has raised the necessity for a Ben-Gurion Center at the rear of his historic house that will teach, present and inspire his heritage. The Center intends to be a hub for discourse on ethics, values and policies in the Israeli society, Zionist, equal and democratic using the values and heritage of David Ben-Gurion. The Center and its contents will transparent the central inner values of his heritage such as: vision and achievements, actions, equality, leadership, statehood, contributing to society, c, responsibility, hope and personal example. This will empower the visit at the historic home and will invite dialogues and discourse, knowledge, inspiration, relevancy, commitment and innovativeness. 
The Sde Boker College (Midrasha): Located in the Negev, the Midrasha is an educational center of knowledge, learning and experience for pupils, the general public, environmentalists and thousands of teachers, students from around the country and tourists. There are a number of unique educational institutions on the Midrasha: Zin Elementary School, the High School for Environmental Studies, the Field School, the Interdisciplinary Center, central library, and the Magal Center – center for young leadership including the pre-army preparatory program and the Kav Hazinuk program. 
The educational philosophy of Midreshet Sde Boker is based on principles of environmental education: viewing the environment as a multi-disciplinary subject through which educational and research activities are developed, including experiencing life in the field. By means of Environmental Education, Midreshet Sde Boker aspires to bring the Israeli and international public of all ages, to nature, the State of Israel and the Negev, and teach them to love and respect them. 

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